Do video games really cause violence between kids

We can’t entirely blame video games for causing violence between children. Why? 

First, children prefer things that have to do with their environment so video games corporations take advantage of violence in our daily life and produce games that involve violence, which we are taught that is bad since we are humans we yearn for the prohibited, in this case violence. 

Second video games provide this without a real consequence and sometimes we don’t realize what the consequences can be. Third violence is all around the child so the game gives the opportunity of an alternate reality where we can get rid of all that. Don’t blame video games for causing violence because for a child they are just a way channel it.

 But we can help a child with giving them other things, we can secure that future generations aren’t as affected as today we need to secure that children have a safe environment, but must importantly to understand that we are children and everysingle thing can have a big impact on us. We still can help future generations.